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About Fuchs EMS

Fuchs EMS and Medical Transportation Services is a private LLC corporation. The principal owner is Kevin M. Fuchs, CEO and EMS Chief. He is a highly seasoned, dedicated and compassionate healthcare provider with over 20 years of EMS related experience as both an Emergency Medical Technician and former Paramedic.

We are fully licensed and insured by the State Department of Health and Senior Services of NJ to provide you with Non-Emergency and Emergency Basic Life Support care and transportation as well as Wheelchair Van transportation and services.

We provide service to our clients, patients and the community on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week basis.

In an effort to maintain excellence, professionalism and unrivaled patient care; we remain committed to serving the community at large while maintaining our corporate objectives and respecting the integrity and dignity of each of our clients, our patients and their families during our daily operations.

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