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Fuchs EMS & Medical Transportation Services, LLC

Friday, October 1, 2010

What's in a motto anyway? Some people use a motto as a catchy phrase; others, as a fashionable banner for how they'd like to be perceived by people. However, some adopt one or create one, as Webster's Dictionary suggests, as a principle of behavior.

We're not really sure of when it "stuck" but everyone affiliated with FUCHS EMS understands the motto: "Our greatest asset is our willingness to serve." It's our motto and it comes as second nature to this team that represents more than 200 years of collective medical service experience.

On the job, ou(commitment is apparent as we promptly arrive on the scene and exemplify the gold standard of EMS and medical transportation service under even the most challenging conditions. For those who have worked with our well tenured team (with most of our original members still on the job together, 4 years after the company's inception) it comes as no surprise that we also exceed expectations off the job.

When you spend the majority of your life in pursuit of challenging the health care status quo, as Kevin Fuchs has, principled behavior tends to drive your motives . .. and your company. Although FUCHS EMS has received many citations and awards, the most powerful aspect of the team's dedication goes back to t heir unanimous belief that" our greatest asset is our willingness to serve" on and off the job.

And, not confined by domestic borders, Kevin Fuchs has recently returned from the city of Licey and Licey Hospital in the Dominican Republic. There he was honored by the country, the hospital and it's delegates and members of the community and was bestowed a Key to the City, as well as a plaque and town celebration, in gratitude for his numerous donations of medical supplies and most recently a FUCHS EMS Ambulance to a hospital and town in desperate need of these simple yet essential life saving tools. What's in a motto? In the case of FUCHS EMS; true caring, Kevin Fuchs has over 20 years of Emergency Medical experience, training and education and is currently active as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician.

In 1994 he graduated Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California with a B.A in Filmffelevision Production and later went on to earn an Associates Degree and Paramedic Certification in 1998 from the very reputable St. Vincent's Institute of Emergency Care in New York City. His previous work as a New York State and City Paramedic has allowed him to provide a level of care unrivaled by most Basic Life Support health care providers today. His countless years of devotion, dedication and commitment to people in need are quite extraordinary and selfless. He has spent the majority of his life in pursuit of providing prompt, professional and exemplary care that exceeds current standards and practices. His benevolence, professionalism and years of experience in crisis and non-crisis situations alike, has earned him many citations and awards including the Medal of Honor, a Meritorious Service Medal and several Unit Citations for his volunteer work during the Northridge Earthquake, Hurricane Floyd and the World Trade Center disasters.

But it doesn't stop there! On October 17, Kevin Fuchs and his staff of EMS professionals will be out in full force, once again, volunteering their time and support to George Martin and his Giant Steps for 9/11. Please, come out and join George Martin and the FUCHS EMS team as they and numerous supporters walk to commemorate Mr. Martin's historic walk across America in support of the heroes of Ground Zero. For information on how to participate and register for the walk, or to make a donation visit, www.ajourneyfor911.info.

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