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Occupants of Vehicle Injured in Fiery Crash

Monday, October 5, 2009

A blue MINI Cooper slammed into the Route 4 bridge abutment on Route 208 South on Oct. 5, resulting in a fiery escape made by two Hackensack residents who sustained serious injuries.

At 11:05p.m., Dixin Xian, 24, and Jiaren Shi, 26, were following their friends back to their Fairleigh Dickinson University campus in Teaneck after Bible study when Xian lost control of her vehicle and slammed into the concrete median bear Saddle River Road ramp of Route 208, according to Detective Peter Yuskaitis.

"She lost control of the vehicle. She lost view of the car she was following. She ended up getting a little startled and trying to catch up to the car and follow it and ended up jerking the wheel, Yuskaitis said.

The Fair Lawn Police Department responded to the scene and found Shi lying on the ground.

The Bergen Record October 2009
The Bergen Record

Article | by Dr. Radut