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Letter of Appreciation

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mr. Kevin Fuchs
E.M.S. Chief / CEO
1600-Highway 208
Suite LL3 New Jersey

Dear Kevin,

My sincere thanks to you and your team for your contributions to the Federal Emergency Management Division of the Dominican Republic, Dominican Red Cross, and Fire Services of San Pedro de Macoris’. With your help, we have established the basis for professional emergency medical services in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to the ambulances and supplies that you helped provide, the time you spent training emergency services personnel in San Pedro de Macoris’ was very important for our success. This is not an effort to merely adopt an American system in San Pedro de Macoris but to help establish a foundation for a system that works best in this environment and can ultimately evolve to benefit communities throughout the Dominican Republic.

The impact that your efforts will ultimately have on health and safety in the Dominican Republic is immeasurable. I hope that the relationship between Fuchs EMS and the City Hall of San Pedro de Macoris’ is as rewarding for you as it is for the Dominican people. Your generosity and initiative with the RC24 Foundation has made a significant and lasting impact for which I am officially and personally grateful.

Kindest regards.

Architec Ramon Antonio Echavarria
Mayor, San Pedro de Macoris

Mayor Architec Ramon Antonio Echavarria, San Pedro de Macoris

Article | by Dr. Radut